The Artists Rest Workshop

Welcome to my website.  In these pages you will find images of the different projects I have been involved in, and the pieces I have created along the way.  I am a Multimedia Artist, and use many different materials, including wood, metal, traditional paints, and photography.

I have also included links to other Artists and organisations I am associated with or work with, or simply support in some way. Soon you will be able to view and purchase works from all the Artists associated with the Artists Rest Workshop.

The workshop is open to Artists to visit, work, and exchange ideas and so on.  I am in the planning stages for another section to be added, which will be a dedicated Art studio, which at the moment is sniggeringly referred to as the “East Wing”. I hope to complete the studio during 2017, time, volunteers and funds permitting..

Enjoy my website, and please pass on the link to your friends and family.


Martin Hughes


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